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- By Lothar Jung Date 2022-04-12 11:00 Upvotes 1
Hier einige Feststellungen zum Elo-Rating:

Elo ratings are a comparative only, and are valid only within the rating pool in which they were calculated, rather than being an absolute measure of a player's strength.

Elo did not specify exactly how close two performances ought to be to result in a draw as opposed to a win or loss. Actually, there is a probability of a draw that is dependent on the performance differential, so this latter is more of a confidence interval than any deterministic frontier.

The Elo ratings of these various organizations are not always directly comparable, since Elo ratings measure the results within a closed pool of players rather than absolute skill.

- By Lothar Jung Date 2022-06-14 10:36 Edited 2022-06-14 10:41 Upvotes 2
Hier eine kurze Veröffentlichung „Normalized Elo“:

Hier ein Beitrag von Frank Schubert zu EloStat:

Und ein Link zum Programm mit Erläuterungen:
- By Lothar Jung Date 2022-08-09 09:48 Upvotes 1
Elo Win Probability Calculator:
- By Lothar Jung Date 2024-04-25 07:20
Guter Blog zum Bayesian Elo Rating mit Programm:
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