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- By Swaminathan Date 2014-04-02 11:59
Hi All,

STS 15 is now available for download.

Consists of carefully selected 100 test positions on "Avoid pointless exchange"
The test suite deals with the decision to exchange or not, with all of the positions involving queen.

These are the cases when the queen exchange is best avoided because the side retaining the queen is more aggressive relatively, and therefore prefers to have the major piece's presence in order to conduct the attack on the king side, on the flank or even in the center.

It may even be the case when keeping the queen on the board may prove beneficial to the side, in terms of better co-ordination with other pieces.

Furthermore, the positional imbalance arising out of these positions suggests that it is best to avoid pointless exchange.
Tests engine's knowledge on to Exchanging, Piece Activity, Positional imbalance and mobility.

Download it here:

Direct Link:

Swaminathan, and Dann Corbit
Up Topic Hauptforen / CSS-Forum / STS 15 - Avoid Pointless Exchange

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