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- By Swaminathan N Date 2008-12-06 18:03
Hello all,

I'm glad to inform you that the CCT is alive and kicking, and the tournament will most probably be held on February.

I had asked Peter Skinner during the final day at the Pan-American ACCA championship at ICC what were the things necessary to get the tournament going, he told me the whole thing. He said he was looking for replacement to Daniel Charles and I expressed interest. And few weeks went on, and finally Charles Roberson had approached me with the offer of organizing the tournament and specified the task that I had to do as an organizer- updating the website, posting announcement on the forums, getting input from the programmers etc.

TD-ing will be left to some guy from the ICC, who will run the tournament by himself. My task as an organizer is distinctly different from the TD-ing, in that I will accept entries and add it to the website, make announcement and create the participants list and update the results during the tournament. Charles has been kind enough to offer the assistance in being the co-organizer besides me.

The new CCT 2009 webpage (still in progress) is located here:

Now, the real question I'd like to ask and get the input from the programmers who will definitely take part in CCT:

What's the date and time? February 14 is valentines day, I wonder if any of you guys will be free around that time? Or do you prefer the schedule to be on other weekend? We can decide it by the majority.

Before you attempt these questions, please be reminded that you need to be author or someone who may be considering to register for the tournament.

Question 1:

1) March 7 - March 8

2) March 14 - March 15

3) March 21 - March 22

4) March 28 - March 29

February 14 is out unless it is considered the best weekend by popular vote. Only the assured participants will vote and none other. Please let me know which one do you think is the most suitable time for you.

Question 2:

This is going to be the swiss pairing type, How many rounds do you think is reasonable?

* 7

* 9

* 11

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