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- By Sedat Canbaz Date 2008-09-10 23:21
Hallo friends,

SedatChess site will be  disabled for a month due to extra data transfer usage,
but for those who are still interested to download Perfect 13x book is available at:

Note:For those who are not satisfied with Perfect 14.ctg's performance,
the Perfect13x book is another alternative choise,it has been tested since last year,where the Perfect14 book is created and tested only within one month.
In other words,the Perfect13x book can be more stabil in some opening positions than Perfect14 book.

My recommendations on improving  Perfect 13x book to get high rating on Playchess server:
1.Use Rybka 3 x64bit with 128 MB Hastablesize for 3 min - 5 min time controls (512 MB for 15 min games)
2.You need fast Hardware,at least quad-core processor,8 core...are will be very good choise
3.Disable loosing weak lines with red colour
4.Daily update the book lines or at least in a week with new and stronger moves
5.If the lost game's lines seems strong,then analyse the same lost position With Rybka 3 engine at
slower time control to find stronger move and add that new move to the book,
but dont forget to enable the new move with green colour
6.And then,go to the Edit/Openings book menu and "Reset weights"

            Perfect 13x.ctg  is an opening book for Fritz GUI

The Perfect 13x.ctg  contains:
- 229407 GrandMaters and ComputerChess games
- Haned tuned and carefully optimised the strongest lines
- Books's Depth is up to 100 moves
- Disabled some 3-fold repetitions
- Rybka 232a and Rybka 3 x64 4CPU are used on critical opening positions (on hardware QX9650@3.8GHz)

It's recommended:
-To use the book options  "Optimized", Min games=2,Up to move=100

How to optimize the book under Fritz GUI (by pressing F4):
2.Openings Book
3.Book Options...
4.You must click the button ''Optimize''

How to optimize the book on Playchess server:
2.Playing mode
3.Define Engine
4.Book Options
4.You must click the button ''Optimize''

Author: Sedat Canbaz,Turkey
Web   :
Email : 

License Agreement:
"Perfect 13x book" is freeware. You may use and distribute it,
but without charge .Copyright ┬ę 2008

Happy Testing,
Sedat Canbaz
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