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- By Lothar Jung Date 2024-02-18 06:41 Upvotes 1

Available URLs:  Leela performance on different GPU/CPU configurations  Project blog Computer Chess Championship  CCRL rating estimate  How to setup Lc0 training on colab  Test for TCEC S15 network selection  Graph of number of generated games per day  Compilations of various ELO graphs/estimations  Endgame network performance against tablebase  LCZero forum  Our GitHub project page  Openings frequency per network ID  Our patreon  Where to play Lc0 online?  Lc0 releases to download  Another Lc0 rating estimation  Yet another Lc0 rating estimation  And one more another Lc0 rating estimation  Slides from Lc0 presentation at Big Techday 12  How to set up Lc0 engine or contribute to training  An Lc0 fork of test40 run by jhorthos  Automatic beautiful compilation of tests from discord #test-results  Where can I watch Lc0 games?  Project wiki on GitHub
Up Topic Hauptforen / CSS-Forum / Wichtige LC0 Internetadressen

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