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- - By Lothar Jung Date 2023-06-15 16:49 Upvotes 2
The second release candidate for v0.30.0 is out. This should be real close to the final release. You can get it from <>. In this release:
* WDL conversion for more realistic WDL score and contempt. Adds an Elo based
  WDL transformation of the NN value head output. Helps with more accurate play
  at high level (WDL sharpening), more aggressive play against weaker opponents
  and draw avoiding openings (contempt), piece odds play. There will be a blog
  post soon explaining in detail how it works.
* A new score type `WDL_mu` which follows the new eval convention, where +1.00
  means 50% white win chance.
* Simplified to a single `--draw-score` parameter, adjusting the draw score from
  white's perspective: 0 gives standard scoring, -1 gives Armageddon scoring.
* Updated describenet for new net architectures.
* Added a `first-move-bonus` option to the legacy time manager, to accompany
  `book-ply-bonus` for shallow openings.
* Changed mlh threshold effect to create a smooth transition.
* Revised 'simple' time manager.
* A new spinlock implementation (selected with `--search-spin-backoff`) to help
  with many cpu threads (e.g. 128 threads), obviously for cpu backends only.
* Some assorted fixes and code cleanups.
Parent - - By Daniel Reist Date 2023-06-15 19:36
Welches Netz würdest du denn
nun als Bestes empfehlen?

Habe momentan ein BT2 Netz
mit welchem ich sehr zufrieden bin.
Parent - By Lothar Jung Date 2023-06-15 19:40 Edited 2023-06-15 19:49
Das hängt von deiner GPU ab.
Unter einer RTX 3080 ist das distilled T1-Netz jedenfalls am besten.
Benutze ich mit der RTX 3080 auch.
Hat 20% mehr Performance.
Up Topic Hauptforen / CSS-Forum / Lc0 0.30.0-rc2 erschienen

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