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Up Topic Hauptforen / Schachprogrammierung / Ceres
- By Lothar Jung Date 2022-10-16 14:17 Upvotes 1
1. Neuste Ceres Version runterladen

Version 0.93 of Ceres is published on github. Abbreviated release notes:
Update with improvements primarily related to speed and usability for games played at medium to long time controls:
* the speed of tree rebuilding between moves is significantly improved (up to 40% for very large search trees),
  thereby increasing effective nodes per second (by about 5% at long time controls)
* a new UCI option MaxTreeNodes is added to limit search trees to a specified maximum size
* additional performance optimizations improve search speed by about 2%

Hier die Version 0.97 RC3:

New test release is published in binary form if/when you want to test suites. The network "ap-mish-20b-swa-2000000" might be strong. <>

Pre-release of version 0.97.

Supports new networks with attention policy head (such as T79 or ap-mish networks)
Adds major new feature for visual analysis of chess positions or games. See
Several small adjustments to play parameters (such as time control)
Tournament Manager now supports variance reduction technique (force engine determinism)
Various small fixes for use with tools such as Nibbler

2. Netz im Networks-Ordner kopieren

Unter Ceres ist es möglich zwei unterschiedliche Netze mit jeweiliger Gewichtung als Command Line Befehl anzugeben:

NETWORK sets the network to be used (if omitted, network specified in the options file is used). The value consists of a network type code (currently only LC0 is supported) followed colon and then a comma-separated list of one or more network IDs (which are ensembled if multiple). For example:

the first would resolve to the Leela weights file weights_run2_703810.pb located in the configured LC0 network directory and the second would be build a weighted ensemble of two networks.

3. json-Datei editieren

`Ceres.json` generated by Ceres:
  "DefaultNetworkSpecString": "LC0:./Networks/weights_run2_703810.pb.gz",
  "DefaultDeviceSpecString": "gpu:0",
  "SyzygyPath": null,

  "DirLC0Networks": null,
  "DirLC0Binaries": null,
  "URLLC0Networks": ""
I guess only need to edit `DefaultDeviceSpecString` and rest can be set using UCI options?

a) Verweis auf Nets
b) Angaben zu GPUs
- By Lothar Jung Date 2022-10-16 21:26 Upvotes 1
Hier eine wissenschaftliche Zusammenfassung des Programmierers:
Up Topic Hauptforen / Schachprogrammierung / Ceres

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