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- By Max Siegfried Date 2021-11-05 09:07

Changes: Besides some minor bug fixes, there are some new things, including:

Board clock: more options
Test positions (test suites): more info and controllable. Work with the term “am” (avoid move). Can test with both EPD, PGN files
Support uci_engineabout, uci_showcurrline
Support displaying multi-PVs
New online book & EGTB: use Lichess servers for querying opening and endgame (Syzygy 7 men) positions
Online books ( & Lichess) can auto make moves for engines in non-tournament games
Show how engines are set up: they are some vital options for engines, including the number of cores, mem, ponder mode, Syzygy path. That information is shown as tooltips, which users can verify frequently
The last position of PV lines could be shown as tooltips
Hover the mouse pointer in moves, graph panels to see corresponding boards as tooltips
More fonts’ sizes can be changed. They are the font for the whole app (affects almost all panels, bars, tables…), fonts for the plain text of tournament result, engine log…
Analysis on the fly: all information is kept and displayed after being stopped; can set a timer instead of having infinite mode only; check threats: run analyses with the opposite side to check what he may do if the side to move (almost) do nothing
The configuration folder could be changed
New design and implementation for playing via local network
Engine Info, tournament results: can export into image, HTML, CVS files

We were surprised since there are more people than expected showed their interest and use the new feature Test positions – the one we thought would be useful for small numbers of developers only. As usual, after the first implementation, we continue improving the new feature with feedback and suggestions from users
Configuration folder: on the previous versions, BSG used only one fixed folder, inside the home folder of the user. It is simple, hide details from users but it may get trouble when the user’s folders have some Unicode characters under Windows (BSG uses some standard libraries for all OSs which may not work well with Unicode paths under Windows). For advanced users sometimes need data from that folder but it may be buried deep and hidden from file browsers, making it hard to access. From this version, users can change this folder anywhere. It is fine if they have several configuration folders and frequently change between them. They can change back to the origin at any time too. That can help users to access easier to some configuration/vital data of BSG as well as avoid issues of having Unicode paths. Users may have different folders for their different tasks. Sometimes it can work as a kind of backup too
Local network: from this version we change seriously the design with some new limits: humans can’t play anymore (via the local network) nor watch games created by other computers (even they run with engines in their computers). The gain is that users have much more control over remote engines and those engines can run fully for almost all tasks that require engines. For more info please read the blog
Some tables such as the tournament’s result, the cross table could be exported into HTML files. That may help to publish quickly on some websites. It can help to solve the problem of having too large tables. Users can easily display them in some web browsers, change font sizes or even re-edit them for better views, use some external tools to capture images or convert them into new formats
Viewing chess boards as tooltips is a fun factor of this version. We hope they bring some conveniences and fun since users can view visually boards almost everywhere

Language packages
To use Banksia GUI with some languages, users can download language packages (extension .qm) and copy it into folder languages (it is located on the same folder with the runnable file of Banksia GUI. For macOS, it is in package, right-click on that to popup menu and select Show Package Contents)

You may help people by translating BSG into your languages by forking one of the below repositories:

Youtube channel

Version history


BanksiaGUI is built based on our open-source Banksia. You may visit, download and/or contribute:
Up Topic Hauptforen / CSS-Forum / BanksiaGUI v0.53 ist erschienen

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