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- - By Lothar Jung Date 2021-09-26 09:47 Edited 2021-09-26 10:01
Hier auf Discord:

und hier:

ChessCoach is a neural network-based chess engine capable of natural-language commentary. It plays chess with a rating of approximately 3450 Elo, which means it should usually beat even the strongest human players at 2850 Elo, and many other engines, but will often lose to the strongest, such as Stockfish 14 at 3550 Elo.

As with all engines, ChessCoach relies on examining millions of chess positions to decide on the best move to play. It uses a large, slow neural network just like AlphaZero or Leela Chess Zero (Lc0) to evaluate each position, unlike classical engines which aim for speed with a much simpler evaluation, or more recent NNUE engines, which are a stronger hybrid of both styles.

The neural network at the core of the engine is trained by playing against itself, using a feedback cycle to start from almost zero knowledge – just the rules of chess – and learn new ways to beat itself as it grows stronger. Stronger neural network evaluations let it search better, and stronger search results let it train its neural network evaluation more effectively.

ChessCoach can also feed its chess knowledge into an additional neural network to comment on moves and positions in English. It is not very insightful and often wrong but shows some promise for the limited data it has been able to train on.

Hier noch einige Informationen:

Parent - - By Max Siegfried Date 2021-09-26 13:36
Eine sehr interessante Engine.
Gibt es dazu weitere Erfahrungen?
Was sind eure Highlights?
Parent - By Lothar Jung Date 2021-09-26 13:56 Edited 2021-09-26 14:00
Einfach installieren. Nutzt Lc0 und Python. Installation ist nicht trivial.

Windows, GPU

Install Visual Studio (for example, Visual Studio Community).
Install the Desktop development with C++ component.
Install Python and add it to the PATH.
It can simplify GPU setup to install Python using Anaconda and install the Anaconda tensorflow-gpu package.
Update activate_virtual_env.cmd if using Anaconda or another virtual environment. The default is to attempt conda activate chesscoach, but it is okay if this fails when not using a virtual environment.
Follow TensorFlow GPU Windows setup instructions if not using the Anaconda tensorflow-gpu package.
Run setup.cmd (this sets CHESSCOACH_PYTHONHOME after running activate_virtual_env.cmd).
Run build.cmd.

Viel Spaß!

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