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Up Topic Hauptforen / CSS-Forum / Übersicht über die besten Netze für die jeweilige Hardware
- By Lothar Jung Date 2020-01-15 16:48 Edited 2020-01-15 17:09
There is no single "best net" for Leela but there a few worth recommending for various purposes. The most important consideration in choosing a net is picking the right size for your hardware and time controls (TC). In general, if you have a weak GPU (or no GPU at all) and you want to only spend milliseconds per move, then you want a smaller net that evaluates positions more quickly, i.e. higher NPS (nodes per second). On the other hand, if you have an RTX card (or several) and you want to run an analysis on a single move for hours at a time, then the quality of the evaluation is more important than the speed and a larger (but slower) net is probably going to work best.

Size versus Recommended Purpose

<10b: Recommended for sparring vs humans
10b: Recommended for running on CPU
20b: Recommended for running on non-RTX cards or TC on the order of seconds (with RTX)
24b: Recommended for TC > 1 minute per move with an RTX card

>24b: Recommended for long analysis or when speed isn't a major factor

Network List

For nets of the same size, the first net listed is likely the strongest.
  Name  Source for Download  Notes
5b x 48f  Good Gyal 5  GitHub: dkappe Bad Gyal  Other sizes also here
9b x 112f  ID11258-112x9-se  GitHub: dkappe Distilled Networks  Other sizes also here
10b x 128f  T58: #58613 run 2 networks  Last T58 net
10b x 128f  Little Demon 2 repository (LD2)  JH nets also here
16b x 192f  J20-460  GitHub: jhorthos Leela Training  Trained on T40 data
20b x 256f  SV-20b-t40-1425  Sergio-V repository  Trained on T40 data
20b x 256f  Leelenstein 13.0  Patreon: jjosh  Not yet public
20b x 256f  T40: #42850 run 1 networks  Last T40 net
20b x 256f  Leelenstein 12.1  12.1 Post  No patreon required
24b x 320f  J13B.2-136  GitHub: jhorthos Leela Training  "Terminator 2" Net
24b x 320f  Latest T60 run 1 networks  Current main run
30b x 384f  SV-30b-t40-1705  Sergio-V repository  Trained on T40 data
Note: The Sergio-V nets are also available on in some cases.

Hier sind die Download-Links:

Full URL is: <>.

Die größten Netze haben ein Policy Head Elo (Spielstärke bei nur 1 Node) von über 2.600. Für jede Hardware sehr energiesparend!

Up Topic Hauptforen / CSS-Forum / Übersicht über die besten Netze für die jeweilige Hardware

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