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Up Topic Hauptforen / CSS-Forum / Stockfish ist jetzt bis zu 80% schneller auf Apples M1 Chip
- - By Max Siegfried Date 2021-12-07 17:05
Das wurde nur durch einen einzigen Patch erreicht!

Auf den deutlich stärkeren M1 Pro Chip und M1 Max Chip dürfte der Patch genauso viel Vorteil bringen.

Nodes/second    : 5432414

Nodes/second    : 9842540
Parent - By Max Siegfried Date 2021-12-08 09:52
Und der eine Entwickler macht weiter:

Author: Tomasz Sobczyk
Date: Tue Dec 7 18:08:54 2021 +0100
Timestamp: 1638896934

Optimize FT activation and affine transform for NEON.

This patch optimizes the NEON implementation in two ways.

The activation layer after the feature transformer is rewritten to make it easier for the compiler to see through dependencies and unroll. This in itself is a minimal, but a positive improvement. Other architectures could benefit from this too in the future. This is not an algorithmic change.
The affine transform for large matrices (first layer after FT) on NEON now utilizes the same optimized code path as >=SSSE3, which makes the memory accesses more sequential and makes better use of the available registers, which allows for code that has longer dependency chains.

Benchmarks from Redshift#161, profile-build with apple clang

george@Georges-MacBook-Air nets % ./stockfish-b82d93 bench 2>&1 | tail -4 (current master)
Total time (ms) : 2167
Nodes searched : 4667742
Nodes/second : 2154011
george@Georges-MacBook-Air nets % ./stockfish-7377b8 bench 2>&1 | tail -4 (this patch)
Total time (ms) : 1842
Nodes searched : 4667742
Nodes/second : 2534061

This is a solid 18% improvement overall, larger in a bench with NNUE-only, not mixed.

Improvement is also observed on armv7-neon (Raspberry Pi, and older phones), around 5% speedup.

No changes for architectures other than NEON.


No functional changes.
see source

So viel zu Thema das der Stockfish perfekt optimiert auf dem M1 läuft und angeblich die Apple CPU schwach sei.
Up Topic Hauptforen / CSS-Forum / Stockfish ist jetzt bis zu 80% schneller auf Apples M1 Chip

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